Artist / Craftsman / Haumana 'ia Hawai'i

Gary’s love of Hawai‘ian traditions, especially those of the Hawai‘ian voyaging canoes, is reflected in the themes of his woodblock prints and paintings.

He studies printmaking under master printmaker Hiroke Morinoe in Kona. For Gary’s woodblock prints, he uses both Western techniques of ink and a printing press, as well as traditional Japanese Moku Hanga techniques which use watercolor that is hand rubbed with a baren.

Gary’s giclee prints are printed with pigmented ink on acid-free cotton rag paper. Each print is signed by the artist, and will last a lifetime, if properly framed and displayed.
These original woodblock prints and giclee reproductions are available from Ipu Kane Gallery in Hawi, on the Big Island. They may also be purchased directly from the artist.

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These original designs are copyrighted, and are not a part of the same Creative Commons license as Gary's cultural artifacts and educational materials.