Artist / Craftsman / Haumana 'ia Hawai'i

The objects above are museum quality reproductions of traditional Hawai'ian cultural artifacts. Inspired by the expert craftsmanship, the high level of aesthetics and the natural materials used in the culture of old Hawai‘i, Gary's work is noted for its attention to detail, it's authentic designs and use of traditional materials and processes.  

Gary gathers his materials in a manner that respects the forest: always careful to nurture the plants and help them to reproduce more than was taken, in the same spirit as the original craftsmen and practicioners. None of the materials are from modern sources. Everything from the raw fiber to the plant based dyes is sustainably harvested from the forest or ocean.
Selected cultural artifacts, as well as traditional and contemporary ipu are available from Ipu Kane Gallery in Hawi, on the Big Island. They may also be purchased directly from the artist.

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